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Cold Technology, located in Blackwood, New Jersey, provides turn-key supermarket design, development, implementation, and ongoing operational support for forward thinking independent retailers in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland.


Formed in the late 1970s, primarily as a service organization, our founding philosophy was that stores should be designed as efficiently as possible, and then operated within that design at all times. This philosophy has been proven to provide the most reliable trouble-free operation, the longest equipment life, and the lowest operating and maintenance costs.


Today, those founding principles continue to represent the cornerstone of Cold Technology's success and are key to achieving our clients objectives such as merchandising flexibility, increased shopper satisfaction, low energy costs, increased food safety, and minimized carbon footprint while improving reliability to the regional power grid.


In the early 1980s, as the age of electronics began to proliferate into the supermarket refrigeration  industry, Cold Technology became involved with many of the early refrigeration monitoring and control systems. Today, through our strategic partnership with Emerson Climate Technologies, we are able to deliver state of the art building intelligence systems that deliver our clients the information they need in real time to operate their businesses profitably.


During the mid 1980s, as the company continued to grow, Cold Technology acquired the Kysor Warren equipment line and began offering refrigeration equipment and installation services.  Today, the strategic alliances we have in place with the top refrigeration, HVAC, lighting, power distribution, and technology providers in the world, such as Aaon, Munters, Amerlux, and Eaton, position us to design and implement state of the art, dynamic, smart grid connected, intelligent facilities which represent the overall lowest cost of ownership to our clients.


In the past, our designs have been featured in Progressive Grocer, Store Equipment and Design and Supermarket Business. Today, our personnel are FMI certified and we offer the best integrated store design department  in the country.

Cold Technology, Blackwood, New Jersey 


Frank Vadino
As Vice President of Engineering, Frank is responsible for assisting clients in planning new stores and remodels to maximize display space while minimizing construction and operational costs. Frank has 35+ years of experience, and, is an FMI Certified Professional Supermarket Designer, a Certified Member of the Refrigeration Service Engineers Society, a Senior Member of the Association of Energy Engineers, and,  an AEE Certified Energy Procurement Professional, who is an expert in all aspects of supermarket refrigeration, energy management, construction, store planning, retail development and retail store operations.    
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Chris Vadino
As Director of Project Management, Chris is responsible for expediting equipment installation and construction for new stores and remodel projects while minimizing cost and disruption of operations. Chris has 30+ years of experience in refrigeration, energy management, and construction.
John Waschko
John has been with our company since July 1989, and currently, as Director of Engineering, is responsible for designing refrigeration, environmental, and mechanical systems that are cost effective, energy efficient, and maintain proper product integrity and customer comfort. John has 20+ years of experience in design, manufacturing, and engineering.
Dave Sevcik
Dave has been with our company since February 1998, and currently, as Director of Store Design, is responsible for assisting our customers in planning new stores and remodels. Dave is a FDI Certified Professional Supermarket Designer  and has 20 years of experience in store design, store planning  and project management in the retail industry.
Charlie Crispin
Charles has been with our company since July 1991, and currently, as Director of Refrigeration Services, is responsible for reliable, energy efficient operation of all refrigeration, HVAC, and control systems through proper maintenance. Charles has 40+ years of experience in all aspects of the commercial & industrial refrigeration industry.
Preston Harrison
Preston has been with our company since May 1995, and currently, as Director of Sales and Marketing, is responsible for customer relations, assisting in store design, and introduction of new product lines and services to our customer base. Preston has 30+ years of experience in design, customer relations and project management in the retail industry.
Dave Pilieri
Dave has been with our company since September 2010, and currently, as Director of Operations, is responsible for all aspects of service operations for the company. Dave has 23+ years in management experience at Kelloggs.

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Mechanical Geniuses Wanted!
Why work at Cold Technology?
Work with other like-minded people
Our people are just as passionate about the supermarket refrigeration industry as you are, and we’re committed to uniting the best minds in the business. Our talent is our core value to our clients; not our products (although we have the largest product offering of ANY competitor in our marketplace). This alignment means that our associates receive greater internal and external respect than at most companies in our industry. Our employees are our rock stars. Our ability to attract and retain the best minds in supermarket refrigeration / HVAC / lighting design, engineering, control, installation, and service is the main reason that clients choose to work with us.
Diversity of Experience
Cold Technology is a design-build, turn-key company offering cradle to grave services for our clients —  an environment that provides for a dynamic experience where you get to work on new problems every day and work with some of our top tier clients, like Shop-Rite, Fresh Grocer, and Mc Caffrey's Markets. Furthermore, we work in a variety of verticals, exposing you to everything from stores with mechanical control to fully computerized stores with electronic expansion valves. This environment develops well-rounded individuals because of the diversity of challenges.
Our project teams are cross-functional — incorporating design, engineering, installation, control, startup, and service. Each team member interacts with and provides input to people with the different roles. This side-by-side collaboration between team members is a key part of our value proposition to clients. We’re looking for people who thrive in cross-functional environments.
Cold Technology has doubled in size every three years for the last thirty-five years, which means that we require that our people to reinvent themselves constantly as the needs of the company, clients, and technology changes.  Growth means that there are constant opportunities for career development.
Strategic Market Position
Cold Technology is well poised to take advantage of the opportunities inherent in supermarket store design, refrigeration, HVAC and lighting industry. We occupy a strategic seat at the table with our clients. We operate at the top of the supermarket food-chain. We are asked to create a total store design and then execute on it. We evaluate many cutting edge refrigeration, HVAC, and lighting products and designs for our clients. Our diverse offerings, regional reach and strong client portfolio position us to grow with the market and not be subject to commoditization.
We offer a variety of perks, including full medical coverage, 401k retirement, flex time, paid vacation, paid travel, tool replacement, tool purchase accounts, fully stocked company vehicles, lots of snacks and drinks around the office, an employee referral program, regular social events, and more!