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Supermarket Services

Supermarket Store Development Services

Cold Technology's Store Development Services Division has a wide range of programs available for today's supermarket retailer to help ensure profitability through proper site selection and analysis, feasibility studies and proper review of lease terms.

      Marketing Analysis

Our experience in the review of marketing analysis reports for new stores, remodels, and acquisitions can give a retailer much needed insight on the projected performance of new and existing locations

Our detailed, accurate budgets can be used for initial feasibility studies of new stores and remodeling projects. In addition, our construction budgets can be used to establish base rental costs for developers.
      Proforma Operating Statement

Our ProforMA™ operating statement can provide a detailed preview of expected retail performance. This useful tool allows a retailer to analyze a project's feasibility when operating within the context of multiple potential scenarios as well as to explore the bottom line impact of varying financing alternatives.
      Lease Review

Our experience in store planning can give much needed insight during the lease review process relative to construction-related lease aspects.
      Equipment Valuation

Our experience in this area allows Cold Technology to provide a professional, highly accurate and detailed equipment inventory for acquisition purposes in a relatively short time frame. These inventories can be valued based on equipment age and condition for financing or buyout.
Supermarket Store Planning Services
The FMI-certified professionals in our store planning department have the knowledge and experience to design your store and shopping center, as well as specify equipment, analyze equipment bid submittals and assemble your design team in order to meet your specific merchandising objectives.

      Supermarket Design

We design stores totally from an operating statement perspective resulting in a facility that will not only support the retailer's merchandising objectives, but have a positive impact on the bottom line. While department placement has a positive impact on departmental sales penetrations and gross profits, efficient warehousing operations and minimized building footprints will reduce labor costs and occupancy costs.
      Shopping Center Design

It is our belief that by allowing the site configuration to dictate the building placement, while at the same time ensuring that the site totally supports the building in regards to efficient traffic flow and useable parking, the result is a consumer friendly shopping center that maximizes retail space. In many instances, by utilizing natural site aspects, site development costs be greatly reduced.

      Supermarket Display Analysis

Our display analysis system can provide a detailed study of the display area concentration of the store compared to its competition or to the average display area concentrations among all competitors in a specific trading area. This system can also be used to analyze various remodeling alternatives for a single store in order to determine which layout provides the most display area per investment dollar.

      Supermarket Equipment Specifications

Our experience in equipment sales and installation gives us the expertise to advise retailers as to what is necessary inside the display case they are planning to purchase in order to achieve their merchandising objectives. Our detailed bid specifications, which are prepared in conjunction with the retailer, are the first step to assuring that the equipment being purchased will support the retailer's merchandising objectives.

    Supermarket Equipment Bid Analysis

We have the capability to dissect and evaluate bid conformance to the original RFP and "equalize" the initial cost for equipment and installation. Once the initial cost has been determined, we will project energy and maintenance costs, and perform a true life cycle cost analysis in order to allow the retailer to make an informed buying decision based on the lowest overall cost of ownership.

Supermarket Engineering Services
Our engineering department is staffed by FMI-certified professionals, is fully computerized and AutoCAD enabled in order to provide the quick turn of around of state-of-the-art refrigeration system application engineering, mechanical system design and power distribution system design. Our requirement drawing packages detail all aspects of construction and effectively communicate the retailer's design intent in order to reduce change orders when construction begins.

      Supermarket Application Engineering

Cold Technology's application engineering department can deliver a wide range of energy- and cost-efficient system applications for new stores, remodels or CFC conversions. Our system designs will provide the highest level of energy efficiency, while maintaining the ultimate in product integrity, customer comfort, ease of maintenance and trouble free operation.
      Supermarket Energy Analysis & Modeling

By utilizing data published by the National Weather Service, and internally and externally developed computer models, Cold Technology can project energy costs for various system designs. Our goal is to design systems with the lowest cost of ownership.
      Supermarket Mechanical & Electrical Design

Our mechanical, electrical and plumbing system designs result in the lowest possible initial cost while delivering energy efficiency, expandability and the reliability to meet the day-to-day demands of the retail food business.
      Supermarket Requirement Drawings

By identifying and quantifying all aspects of construction necessary for a completely operating retail food store, our detailed, accurate requirement drawing packages have saved retailers literally hundreds of thousands of dollars. This is achieved by eliminating unnecessary change orders during the construction process due to a lack of information during the planning process.
Supermarket Installation Services
Our five-crew installation department, experienced in all facets of retail food store equipment installation, piping, and electronic control, has renovated, expanded, or introduced over 765,300 square feet of retail space in the last 12 months. We utilize state of the art equipment such as air tools and electronic leveling devices for case setting and walk-in erection to insure the highest quality workmanship in the shortest possible time frame.


      Display Case Installation

We take great pride in the quality of our workmanship. Fixtures and coolers are installed straight and level using an electronic leveling device, ample amounts of sealant are applied to the joints to prevent air and water leakage, and always in conformance to the respective manufacturers installation instructions.

      Piping Installation

Cold Technology utilizes refrigeration grade copper, clean, dehydrated, which meets ANSI / ASHRAE standards, and arrives sealed at job site. Refrigerant piping in cases and coolers is installed in a manner to provide uniform refrigerant feed to all evaporators for even temperatures and defrost. Vertical runs incorporate "P" traps, and double suction risers for "loop" piping arrangements to insure proper oil return.
      Supermarket Control System Installation

Our factory trained technicians will install all hardware and check all field installed and OEM wiring and terminations prior to startup in order to insure proper control and trouble-free operation. The programming process insures that all operational settings are set in accordance with the original design intent. Finally, all programming is backed up to our central server for disaster recovery.

      Supermarket Equipment Removal

Things do not always go as planned. In the event of a store closing, Cold Technology can quickly recover refrigerant following EPA guidelines, remove, transport and dispose of all store equipment. Electrical connections are made safe, and the facility will be left "broom" clean in order to conform to the lease requirements.

Supermarket Project Administration Services
When the retailers design intent is fully encompassed in the construction bid documents produced by the project professionals, the right contractor is selected, a realistic project schedule is developed and adhered to, and the actual work being performed conforms to the bid documents, the result is a project that is completed on time, and on budget. Cold Technology’s FMI certified professionals in our Project Management Services Department can assist the retailer in achieving those goals.


      Construction Document Review

By performing a thorough review of the completed construction bid documents prior to the solicitation of contractor bids, Cold Technology can insure that the design intent communicated by our requirement drawing package has been incorporated into the construction bid documents. This can result in the elimination of virtually hundreds of thousands of change orders, costly delays, and missed deadlines.
      Bidding & Negotiation

Cold Technology can assist the retailer and other project professionals in the contractor selection process, from pre-qualification to contract signing. The right contractor selection is paramount to smooth execution and timely project completion.

      Supermarket Project Phasing & Scheduling

From ground breaking to grand opening, we interject our experience in retail operations to provide the shortest possible time frame. Our experience in project phasing during remodels and expansions of operating stores can curb disruption to ongoing retail operations.
      Bid Conformance & De-Scope

While attending scheduled progress meetings, Cold Technology can review the work in progress to insure conformance to the intent of the construction bid documents. By field verifying rough in locations, costly delays and rework can be avoided. The result is an on time, on budget project , and a facility that will look and perform as originally intended.
Supermarket Refrigeration Service
Cold Technology's experienced and highly trained refrigeration service technicians service and maintain approximately 20,000 tons of refrigeration in more than 5 million square feet of retail space at over 100 locations throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware with our fleet of 35 fully stocked service vehicles. Our significant investment in inventory, featuring a full-line of reed and discus compressors, as well as a host of other Hussmann, Hill, Tyler and Kysor // Warren OEM parts, optimize customer service levels, and minimize downtime and disruption at the store level.



Service Contracts

Cold Technology's comprehensive service agreements cover all labor and materials for all remote refrigeration, HVAC and control systems 24/7 with a priority on RESPONSE. Contracts include the finest scheduled maintenance program available to insure reliable, energy-efficient operation resulting in high availability systems that maximize product life and enhance food safety.

      Supermarket Ancillary Services

Cold Technology’s extensive inventory and OEM vendor sources of trim, hinges, gaskets, latches and other components will keep your display and storage equipment looking and operating like new. From product illumination to plumbing and drain work, we have what you need or can get it on a timely basis to maintain your equipment and insure trouble-free operation.

      Preventive Maintenance

Our scheduled maintenance program ensures that detailed inspections and housekeeping, including normally overlooked areas such as condenser and evaporator coil cleaning, are performed on a routine basis. Cold Technology's proven program will reduce breakdowns and the resulting lost product and sales usually associated with performing work on an emergency basis.



      EPA CFC Compliance

Our industry certified technicians and reclamation equipment, along with the expertise of our engineering department, can provide a wide range of alternatives to get an existing refrigeration plant into EPA compliance. Our refrigerant loss reporting system and follow through has been proven to reduce fugitive emissions thereby assisting to reduce overall carbon footprint.


Refrigeration Monitoring & Control

Cold Technology currently supports most leading brands of computerized refrigeration monitoring and control systems, such as CPC, ComTrol and Danfoss. From disaster recovery to hardware and software maintenance, our large inventory of components and factory trained technicians have what it takes to keep your computerized systems in control.